June 25, 2009

Pan Mee @ Hou Mei Yuan

Pan Mee (flat flour noodle) @ Hou Mei Yuan near BJ complex has been the talk of Pan Mee lovers, acknowledge for it's home-made recipe from the mee to the sauce which complement the food perfectly.

If you are bored with dine-in restaurants and had enough of economy rice (like me), this is just the place to go! You can enjoy the alfresco setting of the cafe, peaceful ambience under the tall trees.

They serve from thin to thick, dry to soupy version of Pan Mee. All RM3.00 each for large. I tell you, the small portion is really not enough to eat, must at least order the large portion. These are some of the Pan Mee that we ordered.

Thick and dry

Thin and dry

Thick and soup

Homemade sauce

June 23, 2009

Glutinous Rice Dumpling


Have you ever eaten a Nyonya kee chang (nyonya glutinous rice dumpling) ? Nyonyas are famous for their strong taste bud and are strict towards the original taste of nyonya food. Though kee chang is not originated from the babas and nyonyas, but they are greatly influenced by the Chinese Culture too. Kk's grandmother is a Nyonya. I'm soo lucky to have the privilege to taste some of the authentic nyonya food like the otak-otak (direct translation -brains), as the dish resembles the brain, being soft and squishy) filled with fish (ikan kembung) and a type of leaf to add flavour to the paste. Ooh, i'm salivating..

Okay, come back to the dumplings. Ah-Ma @ Grandma made some dumplings for us as we told her we were coming home for a visit. Here's some of the pictures that i took before i lose control eating it up :p

It is normally filled with pork meat, water chestnut and duck egg yolk. Ah-Ma says the dumpling is not complete without these 3 main ingredient^^ I didn't have the chance to witness how she wrapped the dumplings.

My mom usually wrap it in a triangle shaped but never in a rectangular shape. So i guess the rectangular ones are much more difficult to wrap.

I took more interest in Baba & Nyonya's Culture after i watched The Little Nyonya from YouTube! I instantly fall in love of the drama series! You can start watching the 1st Episode HERE! Photos Courtesy of Mediacorptv!

Yue Niang @ Ju Xiang

Yu Zhu

Happy Belated DuanWu Festival Wishes to all!

June 9, 2009

My Wedding Website

If you wonder why it's been a while i haven't post up new food hunt of mine, then its because i'm busy preparing our wedding..Yes, Sakaigirl is getting MARRIED!! You are happy for me right!

Here's what i've been up to, if you would kindly drop your sincere wishes and encouragement for this new couple, visit us at www.mywedding.com/kokkeongkathy and sign in to our Guestbook^^

Hope you enjoy reading^^