May 27, 2009

Chia Yean Cafe

I first came here with kk's friend who came to Penang for holiday. David brought us here and we ate happily as the food is nice and the price is reasonable. It is situated just opposite the Penang Terminal Bus. Chea Yean Cafe offers Chu-Char in the evening. Nothing special, just a simple and fulfilling dinner. The portion is just nice for 3. This time we came here with Sin Yin.

We ordered Prawn Mantis fried with dried chili.

'Tie Pan Tou Fu' (Taufu in pan).

And vegetable.

The total bill for 3 person costs RM28.60. Then off we go rubbing our tummy..

May 20, 2009

Satay @ Teluk Kumbar

I came to Teluk Kumbar Seafood on Mother's Day as i heard my friend and other blogger have good comments about it. No i didn't come with my Mom as they are in my hometown, Sarawak.

From the airport, go straight until you see this old building just around the corner to Gertak Sanggul. Find a parking place near or opposite the buliding. Then take the road beside the bulding which you'll reach the beach.

Me and Kk came with Lip Giat, our 'daughter'... We reach around 6pm and the place is already flooded with customers.. We are lucky enough to find a table by the beach. Excited, i walk around and take pictures of the surroundings.. After 15 min, which is quite a long wait, we place our order.

I wanted to eat the satay from the satay stall opposite Teluk Kumbar Seafood, kk went to order 10 sticks.. Satay in early days only costs 30 cents and 50 cents the most, now its 70 cents.. So what, i still wanted to eat it :p

We sit and chat and waited patiently for the whole 1.5 hour! Thank goodness we had something before we came.. "a hungry men is always an angry men"

Here comes our dishes, we waited from evening till the sun sets and getting I couldn't take good pictures of the dishes as the place is dim with no good lighting around.. i haven't got a good camera.. So i just manage to take some photos. The satay also comes at the same time as our dishes.. can you imagine how long is that?!

Despite the good comments, i found the food are so so only.. we ordered Lala, fried calamari, Kangkung fried with belacan and Butter Prawns..

Maybe we didn't order the famous crab and have a taste, or maybe the quality drops as there were too many customer to handle.. the whole experience was not good..

The satay is good! The chicken is juicy and well marinated!

I shall come here again when there are less people.. then i'll share with you the Teluk Kumbar Seafood posts.

What i learned:
1. Come during weekdays, they have good business especialy during weekends and public holidays, unless you come very early or you don't mind waiting...
2. The satay is good, should try it! Other is same as no 1.

May 4, 2009

2nd Scavenger Hunt @ Nicole B Photography

Hi friends, i found this Scavenger Hunt interesting, so i wana give it a try! If you wana knw more about it, do visits Nicole's blog!

FINALLY, i've COMPLETED the quest!!!!!!!YAY! So happy!! Thank you Nicole for the opportunity! Really got me to hunt for pictures^^

Here are my lists:

Wish me luck!
1) a souvenier from my colleague who went to Sabah

2) a fish - everyone taking their bath under the small fountain..except for the one fish that poses for the camera*

3) a religious building - Ong Si Thye Guan Tong

4) a fire department - Dial 999 for help when u need it^^ i wonder why they open the door so widely without anyone watching over..

5) a manhole cover

6) a postcard from my favourite movie song album.

7) water

8) a communication device - this is the fifth year of using this handphone

9) a Life event - I got the chance to witness my friend renounce to be a monk. This is the ceremony where he bow to pay respect to his parent for their permission and blessings. It is a very touching moment where the father shed tears of joy.. The later picture is the shaving of hair by his teacher, Kai En Shi Fu, whom he officially become the teacher's student. He is named Jue Guang Shi Fu.

10) a foreign stamp

11) a tree

12) the living space of a non-human

13) a street mirror

14) a decoration fixed on a house - welcome to my warm and happy house^^

15) a foreign flag -It's a Japanese flag, isn't it..

Think again :p my sculptor gel on a piece of A4 paper..haha..Thnx to my hero, Kk who help me find this foreign flag!

16) a fire - the blessings from people who care during my Engage Encounter weekend with my fiance

17) an antenna - malaysian supports Astro

18) a phone booth by the road

19) a 'verboten' sign- this is when there are some salesman come into our office without permission

20) a beach - a place where i can eat fresh seafood. Nyum nyum!

21) a cityscape, Komtar

22) something goofy - this fella's leg is really strong! It traveled for 20 min with our car, 5km from its origin under strong wind and high speed until the whole body vibrates but didn't let go...until we shoo it off..

23) carved statue in front of a temple

24) an eye - gee, who's beautiful eye is this?

25) something rural-hawkers washing plates

Sunset @ Little Genting

We came here again last Monday to celebrate my friend, Sin Yin's belated birthday.. She's a Penangite but didn't know the existence of Little Genting, so we came straight after work to catch up with the sunset view and of course, the delicious meal..

It's fun to see her face on our adventurous way up the hill, she keep on grabbing the handle as if she scare she's gonna fall.. and thinking are we going to the right places?! Haha, it sure is pumping her adrenaline^^ When we reach the pit, she muttered "Whoa... So beautiful!"

As usual, we ordered our food and take pictures around, this is the place we eat, sea and mountain view..

The sun are ready to dive into the sea as we finish our dinner..

Kk and me decided to take something different :)
Yep, this is my lovely wedding ring!

This is the view after the sunset..

I hope you enjoy it. I have a video clip of the sunset, but don't know how to upload it here.. can anyone enlighten me?

May 1, 2009

Taufu Fa @ U Soya

Happy Labour Day Everyone! I slept till incredibly 11.30am.. yea, its bad.. but my bed is too comfortable to leave it alone..

I had my Yong Tau Fu at Bali-Bali, then my friend came to our house to discuss with kk what title to take up for her Master's study..

We went to Pekaka Square's Taufu Fa. I love to eat their Taufu Fa, this is the only place i know selling it.. Sometimes i wonder how they can earn so much money until open a shoplot in Penang as the rental here is not cheap.

I ordered Cold Taufu Fa with Longan Toppings. I love the smooth texture.

Kk ordered Taufu Fa with Almond Toppings. Love the crunchy almonds, will have this next time i come^^

We share a cup of healthy soya drink @ RM1.00

Mei Yen ordered original Taufu Fa with Brown Sugar @ RM1.20

It's a wonderful dessert to have during hot days! These are some of the news articles that they stick on the wall, my chinese is not really good, but i'm sure it says good things about U Soya^^

What you ate during Labour Day?