May 1, 2009

Taufu Fa @ U Soya

Happy Labour Day Everyone! I slept till incredibly 11.30am.. yea, its bad.. but my bed is too comfortable to leave it alone..

I had my Yong Tau Fu at Bali-Bali, then my friend came to our house to discuss with kk what title to take up for her Master's study..

We went to Pekaka Square's Taufu Fa. I love to eat their Taufu Fa, this is the only place i know selling it.. Sometimes i wonder how they can earn so much money until open a shoplot in Penang as the rental here is not cheap.

I ordered Cold Taufu Fa with Longan Toppings. I love the smooth texture.

Kk ordered Taufu Fa with Almond Toppings. Love the crunchy almonds, will have this next time i come^^

We share a cup of healthy soya drink @ RM1.00

Mei Yen ordered original Taufu Fa with Brown Sugar @ RM1.20

It's a wonderful dessert to have during hot days! These are some of the news articles that they stick on the wall, my chinese is not really good, but i'm sure it says good things about U Soya^^

What you ate during Labour Day?


NicoleB said...

I'm glad you are back!
I was getting a bit worried. I hate it when bloggers just disappear ;)

The cold Taufu Fa with Longan Toppings looks delicious (and so does the rest).
I have never ever tried Tofu, let alone that combination though :)

I really start regretting that I didn't try more things while in Korea.
But then I remember the spicy (HOT) fishy noodles I had one day and I remember why I didn't... :D

sakaigirl said...

Dear Nicole, I'm really touched for your care^^ Have been busy, i'll share more of my life experience! Thanx for the support!

Well you should try it if you have the chance! I never tried korean food before, i only heard of kimci, a type of spiced vegetable. Regret not, i'm sure u'll have more opportunity to try new things!

New Kid on the Blog said...

My Labour Day?? Was dragged to Botanical Garden in the early morning like 6 something?!? :)

NicoleB said...

I tried Kimchi.
It's quite something :)
Best ones are the home made ones though :)

And yes, there's something everywhere we go and usually I regret not to have tried more.
But with hubby not being so experimental as me..... ;)

sakaigirl said...

New Kid on the Blog: Whoa, so early! Go there for hiking? I've hike there before, exhausting but it pays (for the victory that i made it and the ache in my thigh and calf^^)

Nicole: Haha, we sure have the same characteristic hubbys >_*

Ebie said...

Hello, its nice to learn different cultures thru blogging. Growing up in the Philippines, I see that we have a lot in common. We observe May 1st as Labor Day. We also name that leaf pandan. However, I do not remember as a child, eating tofu as a dessert. I like mine sauteed or fried. I like longan too. Here in the US, we observe Labor Day in Sept. Thanks for the compliments.

Bengbeng said...

oh..they have upgraded taufu-fa. in the past it was imple n cheap food

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Just now I just pass by there. Thought of dropping by but have a very full lunch just now. ^-^ Their tau fu fah and soya milk is not bad.

sakaigirl said...

Ebie: Tofu and Taufu Fa used soy bean as the main ingredient, but it taste totally different.. we normally cook tofu in our dishes as you said, sauteed or fried.. taufu fa is for dessert, sweetened using melted sugar, brown sugar or ginger sugar...Philipines is one of the rare country with so many islands surrounding it! I'm sure there are many great places to visit.. aah, US is always a Big place for me! I wonder when can i get the chance to go there, maybe soon^^

sakaigirl said...

Bengbeng, yep, they have lots of different toppings on it, longan, chocolate, red bean, almonds, red bean paste etc.. else original with brown sugar, which is my favuorite^^

sakaigirl said...

Food Paradise: you live nearby Pekaka? you and ur family really travels a lot for good food!

Selba said...

Wow! There's a lot of way to serve taufu fa! We usually eat taufu fa with brown sugar syrup cooked with pandan leaves and ginger :)

sakaigirl said...

Hi Selba, long time didn't see u here! Thnx for paying me a visit^^