April 16, 2009

Pasta Cheese Bake @ Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen

The first time i came to Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen is with kk, shi ming and a monk, Kai Le Shifu, who brought us here. Kai Le Shifu introduce to us some of the food that he usually ordered. 3 of us were astonished knowing that there is wide range of vegetarian menu from western food, chinese food to hawker's food selection.. Being a first timer here, Shifu ordered for us. The food was fantastic! It changed my point of view on vegetarian food at once! You'll know what i mean when u see the pictures below^^

These are some of the dishes that we ordered, we brought many of our friends here, they all fall in love of this place! Oh ya, it's a self service restaurant where we need to order and pay at the counter before meal. Best is to order different kind of food and share together! The food will taste better by sharing, don't you think so?

Tadaa! This is my FAVOURITE! Pasta Cheese Bake @ RM7.00. If you can't have enough of cheese, try these! It's so rich in flavour and they are very generous with the cheese! Mmmm.. wish i can have it now!

Next is their Green Curry Rice @ RM6.00. This is much better than Little Genting's Green Curry Chicken, though it's vegetarian.

The ingredient for Siam Curry Rice @ RM6.00 is the same with Green Curry, but each have their own unique taste! I like both! They are served with a bowl of plain rice.

We ordered Xiang Chun Noodles @ RM5.00. The noodle they use is different from the noodles at hawker's stall.. i like this better!

There is Lotus Rice @ RM6.00. Normally, it taste good.. Maybe today's rice is too soft, so normal only. But i still prefer Qing Huan Tea House's Lotus Rice! At least Qing Huan's didn't re-use the lotus leaf lol..

For savouries, we ordered Pasembur @ RM5.00, in other word - Indian Salad, composed of shredded cucumber, potatoes, beancurd and fried dough fritters serve with a sweet and spicy nutty sauce. One of my favourite!

Last but not least, their Fruit Tea @ RM12.00, which is not in the Menu.. You have to tell the cashier that you want to order it. Kai Le Shifu tell us about this, now i tell all who come here! It used to serve in a transparent pot, where we can see all the mix fruit and research on what they put into it. It is very refreshing drink, you can refill the hot water...

Then they change into this pot, so I can only show you this.. :(

This is the address:
98 Noble House, Madras Lane
10400 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Tel/ Fax: 04-2263810

Tips: From Macalister Road, find the Bata Shoe Shop (near UMNO building) and turn into the junction, you'll see Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen!

It opens daily from 8.00 am to 9.30 pm except Mondays.

April 14, 2009

That's My World: Asam Laksa @ Balik Pulau

Normally i heard people saying Air Itam's Asam Laksa is the best! But after i tasted Balik Pulau's @ RM2.50 version, i think this is much better than Air Itam's!

The gravy is thicker with bountiful flaked fish! It tasted a bit sour, sweet and spicy! A true appetizer where you'll want a 2nd bowl of Asam Laksa! Though Balik Pulau is off the city, but i don't mind traveling for half an hour to come and eat this^^

According to Wikipedia, Penang laksa, also known as assam laksa from the Malay for tamarind, comes from the Malaysian island of Penang. It is made with mackerel (ikan kembung) soup and its main distinguishing feature is the assam or tamarind which gives the soup a sour taste. The fish is poached and then flaked. Other ingredients that give Penang laksa its distinctive flavour include lemongrass, galangal (lengkuas) and chilli. Typical garnishes includemint, pineapple slices, thinly sliced onion, hε-ko, a thick sweet prawn paste and use of torch ginger flower.

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April 13, 2009

Kuey Teow Th'ng @ Plus 2

This is the first time i tried their Kuey Teow Th'ng @ RM2.50 for small. It really surprises me that for the humble price, it serves with duck meat slices, pork slices and 2 fishball.. and it taste superb! The taste of the Th'ng is just the way i wanted, not too salty. And the kuey teow is very delicious and slippery.. I personally like their Kuey Teow Th'ng over Wanton Mee.

This is Honey Dew with Sago @ RM1.60. I like Honey Dew, so I'll order this if i miss it^^ Normally i go for chinese tea.

There are many delicious food that you can have here at Plus 2. Enjoy it!

April 12, 2009

Roti Tisu @ Kayu Nasi Kandar

Kayu is my favourite place to be for supper, it's air conditioned and the roti's are made to perfection. It is situated behind the Vistana Hotel. Though it is a mamak restaurant, but 70% of their customers are chinese.. The place is even crowded when football season comes.

One of their famous for is the 2-3 feet tall Roti Tisu @ RM4.00.

We came here with kk's grandparents and parents as they were in Penang that time. They were surprised by this Roti Tisu which needed 3 plates to put on.

If you are wondering how it taste like, its very thinly and crispy flour made (mix with other ingredient) snack. We are eating a piece of Artwork, not many mamak stall could make such a tall and firm to its position roti tisu.

Other than Roti Tisu, Kayu serves variety of delicious Nasi Kandar, you'll be surprise Penang ppl's apettite are huge! There are still many ppl queueing up to have their heavy late night supper of Nasi Kandar. I'll take more photos for posts to come.

April 11, 2009

Innocent Saman + Sandwiched Accident

Its a sunny day and me, kk, bp n sy happily on our way to go for yummy pan mee. Suddenly, there is a police road block.. We were not afraid coz we always check our seatbelts before departing. Then the police officer flag us down to stop by the roadside. So we thought he just wana check our ic and driving license. Then, he suddenly said: 'Encik bersalah kerana menggunakan telefon bimbit (tangan kanan) semasa memandu." We were blured, kk is d one driving, but all the while we were talking in the car, no incoming or outgoing call from the handphone. We even hand over the handphone for the police to check, but he refuse to look at it! Then i remembered i brought a camera, so i took it out to take the photos of the history of incoming and outgoing call, for our own record, then duno what happen, the police got angry and straight away give us saman! I seldom use this, but wtf**!
Cut the story short, it cost us RM100.00...

What I learn:
- I think the police wants kopi lui, that's why he so kam chiong when i took out the camera. So, don't take out the camera lol, if got recorder, record without them knowing, then put on youtube, haha..evil me..
- me and kk didn't sign for the saman, if you want to bring this to court, don't sign. We did try to find lawyer from Legal Aid Centre. The lawyer himself say Malaysia is corrupted country, ask us to settle it with d police, else just pay d saman.
- You need to pay RM2.00 to register at Legal Aid Centre, and wait till 4pm for volunteer Laywers to come attend to your case. It's free for students, non-working or salary below RM1500.
- We did pay the saman in the end, not because we go with the corrupted flow of this country, its because we didnt want to cause more worries and unnecessary headaches. The court is 2 days before our wedding registration lol..

It has been moody days after the incident, that night, we went for a meditation class for the first time, it's raining and we were driving like normal. When we come to a downhill slope, the car in front of us suddenly brakes. We Nearly hit the car, But, the car from behind couldn't make it.. He bang us, then we go and bang the car in front of us! Then another car continue banging the car behind us. 4 cars involve, we are the 2nd layer sandwich (*-*)" Don't worry, I'm still alive to blog :p

What I learn:
- I truly agree with Law of Attraction by The Secret, when we keep on frustrated and troubled, we'll attract more unwanted troubles. Be broad hearted and be positive! I'm really grateful my car isn't that serious, what's more, we are alive!
- First thing to do when u meet an accident, job down all the car plate number! If you have a camera, snap the position of the cars and its surroundings. Don't move the car yet! This is the guidelines by the Inspector (There are still good policeman ^^)
- Don't be afraid to claim your insurance! We pay the insurance is to help us when we meet this kind of unexpected surprise.
- Report to the police station within 24 hours of the incident! This is to claim the insurance for the car.
- Either one party which is wrong base on the traffic law will be fined RM300.00. We didn't job down the 3rd and the 4th car's plate number, therefore, we (the 2nd car) have to be fined.
- Car workshops will help us settle the insurance matter. It'll take 2-3 weeks to repair my baby.
- Don't go for Perodua's car workshop, it'll take 1-2 months.
- If your insurance is Uni Asia, you can only repair your car at Perodua's car workshop. Luckily mine is not under Uni Asia!

After All these exciting things, the good part of it is:
I got to ride on our honda cub 70 motorbike again, sitting behind kk, hugging him like the old days..haha

I'm still a happy Malaysian, i love where i stay, the food and ppl.. we are really blessed!

I havn't transfer the pictures to my computer, will let you see hows my baby Power Foo's condition..

Tell me what you'll do if you are in my shoe...

April 10, 2009

Lata Kijang Waterfall @ Perak

This is the 3rd time we come to Lata Kijang Waterfall, we brought our friends, Yow Meng and Chern Nee as they have never been to this place. It's an hour trip from Teluk Intan. Just follow the signboard and you'll reach the exotic place!

I always wonder how to go to this place as evertime i'm going to KL from Penang, i can see the waterfall from afar. If you come from either place, remember to go to Tapah first, then only you'll see a Big signboard leading you to Lata Kijang Waterfall!

When we reach there, it's around 4pm. Many family come here to BBQ and bathing at the cool and refreshing waterfall.

Four of us didn't plan to bath though, just come here to inhale the nature's beauty.

I wish i can be like him, standing under the strong current, as if massaging the shoulder! I tried once, it feels really good!

I like their back pose, it looks so sweet!

Here is a glimpse of me n kk, we really enjoyed the cool wind from the waterfall as we sit on the rock.

We have to head back early as the rain approaches. I'll sure come here for picnic!

April 1, 2009

Wanton Mee @ Plus 2

Plus 2 has always been the best place for me to have delicious Wanton Mee @ RM2.50 for small portion. It's less than 5 min walk coz the stall is just opposite my place. It comes with a bowl of hot steamy soup with wanton. The Plus 2 Wanton Mee is special for it's souce, which are slighty sweet in taste. The mee itself is well cooked, great in my mouth! I like the fried lard bits best ^@^

It's an air-conditioned little restaurant that serves other dishes as well. One of my favuorite is Ma Mik Chicken with Mantou. We normally come here for the not too crowded and cool environment. Me and kk's mood are happy when we are in cool places^^
The workers there are very friendly too.

The Wanton in Penang is quite different from Sarawak's Wanton. I love Sarawak version better.