April 1, 2009

Wanton Mee @ Plus 2

Plus 2 has always been the best place for me to have delicious Wanton Mee @ RM2.50 for small portion. It's less than 5 min walk coz the stall is just opposite my place. It comes with a bowl of hot steamy soup with wanton. The Plus 2 Wanton Mee is special for it's souce, which are slighty sweet in taste. The mee itself is well cooked, great in my mouth! I like the fried lard bits best ^@^

It's an air-conditioned little restaurant that serves other dishes as well. One of my favuorite is Ma Mik Chicken with Mantou. We normally come here for the not too crowded and cool environment. Me and kk's mood are happy when we are in cool places^^
The workers there are very friendly too.

The Wanton in Penang is quite different from Sarawak's Wanton. I love Sarawak version better.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Love your pictures ^^

Bengbeng said...

s so cheap but the wanton looks the same as sarawak one?

Sunny Tan said...

Very enjoy reading your blog, haha.. make me hungry and hungry !

anyway, thanks for visiting my blog.. hope you also enjoy the stay :)

remember to share what u had ate :D

sakaigirl said...

Thanx foodees and Sunny! i'll post more delicious food for you to enjoy!

It doesn't taste d same as Swk's, this one is one biji d, while swk d like floating kain, haha..weird explanation..duh**

i think in penang, they put some preservative ingredient(those that used to put in mee) into the 'pui'... I'm not sure if i'm right o not, do correct me if i'm wrong..

this is the main reason why i like d Sarawak Wanton version better, without the PI..

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Try their wantan mee before..... my gal loves it.

Anonymous said...

I went to Sarawak before. But I don't notice any difference between the wanton there and here.

Whats the difference?

sakaigirl said...

One with preservative in the pui, sarawak is without the preservative. This is what i tasted differently, might vary for diff people's taste bud^^