April 10, 2009

Lata Kijang Waterfall @ Perak

This is the 3rd time we come to Lata Kijang Waterfall, we brought our friends, Yow Meng and Chern Nee as they have never been to this place. It's an hour trip from Teluk Intan. Just follow the signboard and you'll reach the exotic place!

I always wonder how to go to this place as evertime i'm going to KL from Penang, i can see the waterfall from afar. If you come from either place, remember to go to Tapah first, then only you'll see a Big signboard leading you to Lata Kijang Waterfall!

When we reach there, it's around 4pm. Many family come here to BBQ and bathing at the cool and refreshing waterfall.

Four of us didn't plan to bath though, just come here to inhale the nature's beauty.

I wish i can be like him, standing under the strong current, as if massaging the shoulder! I tried once, it feels really good!

I like their back pose, it looks so sweet!

Here is a glimpse of me n kk, we really enjoyed the cool wind from the waterfall as we sit on the rock.

We have to head back early as the rain approaches. I'll sure come here for picnic!


Bengbeng said...

if it were me, i would be in the water most definitely. it looks so cool and inviting

sakaigirl said...

Yep, too bad we go there for a walk oni.. the toilet there is not really in a good condition, it put off my mood to immerse in d water..

King Guzzy said...

hi kathy!! nice blog u got there!! Keep up the good work!! Congrats on ur engagement as well! u can drop by my wedding blog which i set up for reference, lovingnovember@blogspot.com or you can email me/facebook me as well!!

lookin forward for ur big day!!

mika said...

thanks for visiting me , u blog and photos are so nice :)

sakaigirl said...

hi Guz! Thanx for dropping by! i'll start my wedding blog asap! Got some ideas from yours! Must bring along your wife ya!

sakaigirl said...

Hi Mika, thnx for dropping by! You are great yourself too! I enjoy the photo trick you posted!