April 11, 2009

Innocent Saman + Sandwiched Accident

Its a sunny day and me, kk, bp n sy happily on our way to go for yummy pan mee. Suddenly, there is a police road block.. We were not afraid coz we always check our seatbelts before departing. Then the police officer flag us down to stop by the roadside. So we thought he just wana check our ic and driving license. Then, he suddenly said: 'Encik bersalah kerana menggunakan telefon bimbit (tangan kanan) semasa memandu." We were blured, kk is d one driving, but all the while we were talking in the car, no incoming or outgoing call from the handphone. We even hand over the handphone for the police to check, but he refuse to look at it! Then i remembered i brought a camera, so i took it out to take the photos of the history of incoming and outgoing call, for our own record, then duno what happen, the police got angry and straight away give us saman! I seldom use this, but wtf**!
Cut the story short, it cost us RM100.00...

What I learn:
- I think the police wants kopi lui, that's why he so kam chiong when i took out the camera. So, don't take out the camera lol, if got recorder, record without them knowing, then put on youtube, haha..evil me..
- me and kk didn't sign for the saman, if you want to bring this to court, don't sign. We did try to find lawyer from Legal Aid Centre. The lawyer himself say Malaysia is corrupted country, ask us to settle it with d police, else just pay d saman.
- You need to pay RM2.00 to register at Legal Aid Centre, and wait till 4pm for volunteer Laywers to come attend to your case. It's free for students, non-working or salary below RM1500.
- We did pay the saman in the end, not because we go with the corrupted flow of this country, its because we didnt want to cause more worries and unnecessary headaches. The court is 2 days before our wedding registration lol..

It has been moody days after the incident, that night, we went for a meditation class for the first time, it's raining and we were driving like normal. When we come to a downhill slope, the car in front of us suddenly brakes. We Nearly hit the car, But, the car from behind couldn't make it.. He bang us, then we go and bang the car in front of us! Then another car continue banging the car behind us. 4 cars involve, we are the 2nd layer sandwich (*-*)" Don't worry, I'm still alive to blog :p

What I learn:
- I truly agree with Law of Attraction by The Secret, when we keep on frustrated and troubled, we'll attract more unwanted troubles. Be broad hearted and be positive! I'm really grateful my car isn't that serious, what's more, we are alive!
- First thing to do when u meet an accident, job down all the car plate number! If you have a camera, snap the position of the cars and its surroundings. Don't move the car yet! This is the guidelines by the Inspector (There are still good policeman ^^)
- Don't be afraid to claim your insurance! We pay the insurance is to help us when we meet this kind of unexpected surprise.
- Report to the police station within 24 hours of the incident! This is to claim the insurance for the car.
- Either one party which is wrong base on the traffic law will be fined RM300.00. We didn't job down the 3rd and the 4th car's plate number, therefore, we (the 2nd car) have to be fined.
- Car workshops will help us settle the insurance matter. It'll take 2-3 weeks to repair my baby.
- Don't go for Perodua's car workshop, it'll take 1-2 months.
- If your insurance is Uni Asia, you can only repair your car at Perodua's car workshop. Luckily mine is not under Uni Asia!

After All these exciting things, the good part of it is:
I got to ride on our honda cub 70 motorbike again, sitting behind kk, hugging him like the old days..haha

I'm still a happy Malaysian, i love where i stay, the food and ppl.. we are really blessed!

I havn't transfer the pictures to my computer, will let you see hows my baby Power Foo's condition..

Tell me what you'll do if you are in my shoe...


Superman said...

Hard to talk rules or laws with police in Malaysia. In the end, you will be the only one suffer. So, let's keep things small.

sakaigirl said...

Yep, its an awful fact.. let the small matter become not a matter..

Bengbeng said...

oh dear, oh dear, so many things happening in yr life. if it were me, i would oso just pay the saman. rather than pay the kopi lui. it is a matter of principle

sakaigirl said...

Totally agree, best it to settle there and then la..