March 29, 2009

Prawn Macaroni with Cheese @ Secret Recipe

Whenever we come to Secret Recipe, Kk will order Prawn Macaroni with Cheese @RM16.90. It's his favourite, and mine too! Last week, we went for E-Gate's Secret Recipe. Boon Peng is with us too. Me and kk both agree that Queensbay Secret Recipe's Prawn Macaroni with Cheese are better in taste, the cheese is more concentrated and not watery.

Me and BP ordered a slice of cake each. I ordered Chocolate Cheese @ RM6.30 as i love chocolates. Some of the cheese cake I like are the New York Cheese and Espresso at same pricing. BP ordered Chocolate Banana @ RM6.30. It's her favourite!

March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

It's another 20min to earth hour! Luckily i remembered!!
Let's Love The Earth by switching off our lights for 1 hour!

March 27, 2009

Curry Chicken 'W' Homemade 'Mi Ku' @ Roti Bakar

Remember i've mentioned before why i came to study at USM in 25 random things about me, it's because i heard that Penang is a place for food heaven! Indeed, the surroundings of USM Minden itself are Food Heaven! Roti Bakar is one of the restaurant which start to operate during my degree life. It is just 5 min walks from my hostel ^^

Though it says Roti Bakar, but it serves many varieties of dishes. Be inform that Roti Bakar only opens for lunch till after dinner. Last week, kk, Sin Yin & myself went there for lunch. We always ordered their Nasi Lemak Hijau @ RM3.60. So this time, we decided to try something new. Sin Yin ordered a mee sup. I forgot the price. The important part is, if you do not like spicy th'ng, don't order this as it will surely burn your tongue! She gulp the whole cup of iced honey lemon, but still feel spicy, pitty her..

Next, the Curry Chicken 'W' Homemade 'Mi Ku' @ RM6.90 that kk ordered arrive.

There is two selection, either you want the curry chicken with Mi Ku or plain rice. I was really excited seeing it coming! The fragrance of the curry and the nicely deep fried Mi Ku quickly make me salivate. Though it's kk's order, i enjoy myself eating the Mi Ku by dipping it into the flavourful chicken curry (^@^)", it's a big bowl!

Finally, my Chicken Satay fried Rice @ RM 5.90. It really looks nice from the look, maybe it's because I'm not that hungry or i can't stop from eyeing kk's chicken curry mi ku, the fried rice tasted normal. But quite interesting knowing the fried rice is fried with peanut bits. The satay is ok, marinated with tamarind, the meat is not as tender as i hoped for.

I'll sure come back for more of Curry Chicken 'W' Homemade 'Mi Ku'! If you do come here, this is a Must Try!

March 21, 2009

Little Genting Recreational Park # 2

Here are some of the food we ordered at the restaurant. It's a pork free restaurant, brought some of my Malay friends here before and they love the place too!

This is the Fried Kangkung @ RM14 for large portion. Not really a large portion for me but i really like the crunchy kangkung leaf with fried dried shrimps. A must try!

Then is the Pucha (stuff crab shell) @ RM3.50 each. Mixture of chicken meat and crab meat.

I like the Tomyam Seafood @ RM20 medium best! Thick gravy are great appetizer to keep you adding for more rice. I like it when my lips have burning sensation from the spicy tomyam. Delicious! The Belacan Chicken @ RM1.60 each is crispy and juicy inside.

These are some of the dishes i've tried. The green curry chicken @ RM12 for small was a disappointment. No taste, the vegetable are not well cooked. I didn't take the photo of it, didn't even bother to do so. Overall, satisfied with the meal and the environment. Best is to come before sunsets, order your food, and when the food arrive, you'll enjoy the scenery and the food to the maximum!

March 18, 2009

Little Genting Recreational Park # 1

I love coming to Little Genting, especially after the rain.. The cool wind here really resembles Genting Highlands. It is 10 min drive from Penang Airport using the Balik Pulau road. There will be a junction on your left showing Little genting Reacreational Park. Then, drive along the steep durian valley based on the signboard. I remember the first time i came here with Kk, we were driving and were a little bit confused thinking, would anyone come to this kind of place?! (You'll know what i mean when u come here).

But when we arived at the tip, we gasped, mouth wide open.. we were stunned for some time couldn't believe that there is such a heavenly place in Penang!

I've come to know that many Penangites do not know this place, some never knew that it exists! Well, here's a little glimpse of Little Genting. It's a place that shouldn't be missed when visiting Penang Island! And fellow Penangites, you should come here some time coz it's one of the famous tourist destination.

I like best the view from the restaurant. You can even view the breathtaking sunset aound 6.30pm.. I didn't take the photos of the sunset view, but the memory is still fresh in my mind!

These are some of the interesting statues that filled the place. Below is Kk's niece.. I thought it'll look much more better if i used a better camera.. Sob**

This is little hut for those who wanted privacy..

Let's Imagine #1

I came across this plant when i go to Little Genting (coming posts)... I never saw this plant before and thought it to be very interesting, so I took some photos of it.. No, it is not called "away touch".. The owner wanted to protect the plant from some sakai like me, who will go and touch and whoas smiling excitingly.. So the board says " Do not take away! Don't touch!".
From Selba's contribution, I finally know the name of this plant - "Terong Susu"

My first thought of it is that it looks like an animal...For clearer picture of what i imagine, here we have: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer!

Isn't it cute^^

When Gadget Fails Us

This happens a few weeks back in my office, around 9am. We do our work as usual when suddenly, we smell something like a plastic burnt, my colleague quickly switch off the main switch for internet cable, and everyone trying to find where did this smell come from.. After a while, the smell is gone and we get back to our normal duty and forget about the incident.

You see, our office uses cables for internet connection. I'm using laptops to work, so when i wanted to insert the cable to my laptop, guess what i saw....

The connector of the cooler pad to my laptop just melt like this... NOW I know where does this smell comes from... Luckily it didn't blow my laptop..Phew...

This is when gadget fails us...

March 15, 2009

Cooking #1

At first, I wanted to go out to eat by myself. Then, feeling lazy to go out, I search my nearly empty fridge to see what I can cook. These are what I found: Vege, dried seaweed, garlic, mushroom, egg, dried shrimps and pork luncheon meat (not in pic)

I cook my rice first, then start to cook the dishes. First is the pork luncheon meat, just fry it until cooked on a non-stick pan without putting oil. Next up is the vegetable. Put some oil, then throw in the garlic, chopped dried shrimps and mushroom (cut in cubes).. Let it simmer for a while, then add in the vege. Add in light soy sauce to taste, i didn't add salt coz i think the soy sauce is salty enough..Here we have, simple!

In the same time, put in boiled water into a pot. Add in garlic and mushroom and let to boil. Take a teaspoon of corn flour, add in some drinking water and mix well. Pour it into the soup. It'll make the soup a bit starchy, then add in dried seaweed, soy sauce and salt to taste. Lastly, add in egg and switch off the gas immediately. Stir the egg slowly till even. Sakaigirl presenting the Egg Seaweed soup. Yummy!

My Healthy Dinner...Nyam-nyam! (^@^)

25 Random Things About Me

  1. I grew up in a few kampong places in The Land of Hornbills, Sarawak..places who taught me great values of friendship, purity or stupidly naï friend always says my face looks like always ‘kena tipu’, Guo Ping..I remembered you!! Wait till I find you..
  2. My parents bought a house in Bintulu, so I guess I’m considered a Bintulu-nian (hahah..correct ar?)
  3. My late father is a Lecturer in UPM (Bintulu branch) and my mommy retired from being a Headmistress at SK. St Anthony Primary School. I have 3 siblings that I miss a lot!
  4. I studied in USM, Penang for 3 years and continue working in Penang.. Guess what, USM is my first choice of Uni coz I heard there are many delicious food in Penang! Well, I’m really naïve that time, but with No Regrets, haha! Indeed, I’ve fallen for Penang Food!
  5. I’m missing my Laksa Sarawak and Mee Sua when I’m writing these..huhuh..salivating..
  6. Kk is 10kg lighter than me, which makes me go crazy wanting to lose that 10 kg before we get married. haha
  7. I’m Engaged!!! He proposed to me during Valentine’s Day 2009.
  8. I’m Iban-Chinese girl, don’t speak Iban but Foo-Chow yes!
  9. I like to cook and bake and eat and play..
  10. My fiancé is Chinese-Baba .

  11. My recent hobby is blogging and taking pictures of yummy food.
  12. I’m an Archer, so is Kk! Joined the USM Varsity Team for Archery. That’s where I mate Kk.
  13. I’m a quiet girl and speaks softly, uisheh.. Doesn’t reflect a Leo’s characteristics..I wonder why..
  14. Place I’ve been to (Oversea from Sarawak) : Penang, Langkawi, Kedah, Pahang, Labuan, KL & Perak.. (Other Nation): Brunei only… sob**
  15. I wish visit Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand, Egypt, Italy, Nepal and Malaysia (still got many state haven’t go..)
  16. I brew Chinese Tea. Learn from Miss Leong from Qing Huan Tea House. Kk is my mentor and sifu.
  17. I’m a good listener.
  18. Me and Kk comes from a very different background with different religion… It’s interesting how we manage to come together under one roof of Love and Understanding.
  19. My wish-list: Mac, Workstation, DSLR camera, oven, vacuum cleaner, fruit juicer, LCD projector, wireless router and refrigerator. (Till I collect money to buy these.. or anyone wants to sponsor are greatly appreciated..haha)
  20. It’s been a long time since I do any charity… Should take action!
  21. I think I’m going to get married end of this year…haha
  22. Still in planning for my wedding, one from Perak and one from Sarawak… sounds interesting..
  23. I have a Myvi called Power.. Kk’s surname is Foo, so, our baby’s full name is PowerFoo…
  24. Now I smell my housemate cooked Maggie, so nice.. time to have my dinner (^@^)!

March 13, 2009

Baked Cheese Rice@ Toilet Bowl

Finding a place to eat in Queensbay Mall has always been a 5-20 min discussion between me and kk deciding where to eat at a reasonable price. This time, we went there for Red Cliff 2 with kk's niece. Both me and vanessa loved cheese, so we go for Toilet Bowl's Baked Cheese Rice (which is situated beside GSC) before the show.

I apologize for not writing down the price tag for this, I'll do so for my next revisit,ya! And promise to take more pictures of the Toilet Bowl's 'serene' ambience... Sitting on beautifully decorated toilet bowl. A good place to hangout with friends taking photos.
They are generous in spreading the cheese on top of the rice. I 'attack' the gooey cheese without mercy, muahaha! I think this chicken floss with meat is their promotional menu. It's a really filling dinner... ok for me and my appetite!

Satisfied with the meal, we rub our tummy off to watch Red Cliff 2!

March 11, 2009

Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fan

This is the Best Chee Cheong Fan I've ever had! I Repeat, The Best Chee Cheong Fan!!! Personally, I think its much more delicious than Penang's Chee Cheong Fan. Why? Mainly coz it's not coated with rojak sauce...not my taste.

Teluk Intan Midnight Chee Cheong Fan @ RM3 has its own unique flavour with bits of mushroom and dried prawn. It surprises me when kk told me that most of the best food in Teluk Intan are either sold during midnight or before dawn. Well, this is the first Teluk Intan food that I have, and I'm now deeply addicted to it. The mix taste of sour and sweet salty of the preserved green chili really complement the delicacy.

I have to control myself from gulping down one whole packet of Chee Cheong Fan in seconds! A must have whenever I come to Teluk Intan! Kk knows how naggy I'll become if I can't eat these..