March 18, 2009

Little Genting Recreational Park # 1

I love coming to Little Genting, especially after the rain.. The cool wind here really resembles Genting Highlands. It is 10 min drive from Penang Airport using the Balik Pulau road. There will be a junction on your left showing Little genting Reacreational Park. Then, drive along the steep durian valley based on the signboard. I remember the first time i came here with Kk, we were driving and were a little bit confused thinking, would anyone come to this kind of place?! (You'll know what i mean when u come here).

But when we arived at the tip, we gasped, mouth wide open.. we were stunned for some time couldn't believe that there is such a heavenly place in Penang!

I've come to know that many Penangites do not know this place, some never knew that it exists! Well, here's a little glimpse of Little Genting. It's a place that shouldn't be missed when visiting Penang Island! And fellow Penangites, you should come here some time coz it's one of the famous tourist destination.

I like best the view from the restaurant. You can even view the breathtaking sunset aound 6.30pm.. I didn't take the photos of the sunset view, but the memory is still fresh in my mind!

These are some of the interesting statues that filled the place. Below is Kk's niece.. I thought it'll look much more better if i used a better camera.. Sob**

This is little hut for those who wanted privacy..


pedro macieira said...

I stay waiting your photos of the Mallaca.

Pedro Macieira

sakaigirl said...

Okay Pedro, but i'll probably go Malacca in October.. In the mean time, I'll blog more about Penang.

stormule said...

谢谢你的夸奖 ,这个博客是我和我女朋友的家,你是第一个客人,非常开心,非常荣幸您的到来和留言,谢谢!小云顶非常美!!希望我们有时间可以去。

Jesse said...

i was just browsing through your blog, and i have to agree, penang is the best place for food in the world! seriously, you've got indian, chinese, doesn't get much better than that.

Bengbeng said...

i didnt know this place existed. we still got some land there in that area but facing some legal problems with injunctions etc

yanimaniez said...

Hi.... whether you have come to Indonesia? What about food in Indonesia? Have you ever tried?...

sakaigirl said...

Stormule: bu yong ke qi! ye shi wo de rong xing ni lai chan guan wo de bu luo!

Jesse: Thank you for visiting^^ That's the main reason why i like Penang,haha..

BengBeng: You Really Must Come! Wah, i think you are really rich to have bought Penang Land!

Yanimaniez: I hvn't been to Indonesia before. Its a huge place waiting to be explored. If i had the chance to go there, i'll sure blog about the food and the wonderful places there^^