March 27, 2009

Curry Chicken 'W' Homemade 'Mi Ku' @ Roti Bakar

Remember i've mentioned before why i came to study at USM in 25 random things about me, it's because i heard that Penang is a place for food heaven! Indeed, the surroundings of USM Minden itself are Food Heaven! Roti Bakar is one of the restaurant which start to operate during my degree life. It is just 5 min walks from my hostel ^^

Though it says Roti Bakar, but it serves many varieties of dishes. Be inform that Roti Bakar only opens for lunch till after dinner. Last week, kk, Sin Yin & myself went there for lunch. We always ordered their Nasi Lemak Hijau @ RM3.60. So this time, we decided to try something new. Sin Yin ordered a mee sup. I forgot the price. The important part is, if you do not like spicy th'ng, don't order this as it will surely burn your tongue! She gulp the whole cup of iced honey lemon, but still feel spicy, pitty her..

Next, the Curry Chicken 'W' Homemade 'Mi Ku' @ RM6.90 that kk ordered arrive.

There is two selection, either you want the curry chicken with Mi Ku or plain rice. I was really excited seeing it coming! The fragrance of the curry and the nicely deep fried Mi Ku quickly make me salivate. Though it's kk's order, i enjoy myself eating the Mi Ku by dipping it into the flavourful chicken curry (^@^)", it's a big bowl!

Finally, my Chicken Satay fried Rice @ RM 5.90. It really looks nice from the look, maybe it's because I'm not that hungry or i can't stop from eyeing kk's chicken curry mi ku, the fried rice tasted normal. But quite interesting knowing the fried rice is fried with peanut bits. The satay is ok, marinated with tamarind, the meat is not as tender as i hoped for.

I'll sure come back for more of Curry Chicken 'W' Homemade 'Mi Ku'! If you do come here, this is a Must Try!


ma grande folle de soeur said...

Thank u for your visit and nice comment. I liked very much your pictures. Delightful. :))

mika said...

thanks for visit me , u blog and photos are so nice

Bengbeng said...

the satay fried ric eis jus fried rice with satay condiments. no wonder u r disappointed. the curry chicken n miku is something else. it looks almost as good as the one my mum makes

sakaigirl said...

Thank you, ma grande and mika for visiting my blog^^ I love taking the pictures of food! It makes me happy!

Yep, Bengbeng..I'm disappointed with the fried rice. uuu,ur mom must be good in cooking too!

Bengbeng said...

yup, she is super good. where else did i learn to be so discerning in my taste :)

foodbin said...

looks like a nice to hang out and eat.
as to your enquiry:the buah keras is available in sundry shops, the chineses name for it is "sek ku chai"

Ik said...

i love curry!
but everytime i eat curry, i will sweat like hell
so i cant eat curry outside, unless i bring a towel with me..huahaha
but i still lvoe curry!

Melissa said...

thanks for dropping a comment in my blog but i'm just curious about one thing, what is mi ku?? never eaten that before or being served with curry chicken. And the curry chicken looks so yummy!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow... I saw this shops and never visited them yet. So... from your review.... I should give it a try!

sakaigirl said...

Bengbeng: Haha, and u pass the skill to ur son now huh!

sakaigirl said...

Foodbin: Thnx for the info, i saw it in tesco, will try out ur recipe^^ if u do come here, i would only recommend the chicken curry mi ku, others taste so so..

Ik: I LOVE Curry too^^

sakaigirl said...

Melissa: Mi Ku is a kind of chinese bread, it tasted similar to 'Pau' kosong.. Can be kept in the fridge for quite a long time. Just need to stim it before eat. The Roti Bakar version is fried mi ku, normally they dip the miku with mixture of egg before frying. I've tried to do it myself, but couldn't get the crispy result like theirs.

Food Paradise: Can try curry chicken mi ku, others so so oni..