March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

It's another 20min to earth hour! Luckily i remembered!!
Let's Love The Earth by switching off our lights for 1 hour!


eco said...

He, ho. :) I'm gonna do it; turn all of the lights off

Ellyllon said...


I found the template in:

One more thing ... how did you find my blog?

Kisses from the country that does not exist.

sakaigirl said...

i was clicking 'next blog' from the blogger bar,then saw ur blog..

Bengbeng said...

i came home after the time was over. apparently there is no obvious sign of earth hour in town or in my housing estate at all. most have porch lights on too..a security concern I guess.

gallega said...


It´s hard here in spain to do it (turn off the lights...).
Spain plays football know!!

kisses and sorry for my english