May 4, 2009

Sunset @ Little Genting

We came here again last Monday to celebrate my friend, Sin Yin's belated birthday.. She's a Penangite but didn't know the existence of Little Genting, so we came straight after work to catch up with the sunset view and of course, the delicious meal..

It's fun to see her face on our adventurous way up the hill, she keep on grabbing the handle as if she scare she's gonna fall.. and thinking are we going to the right places?! Haha, it sure is pumping her adrenaline^^ When we reach the pit, she muttered "Whoa... So beautiful!"

As usual, we ordered our food and take pictures around, this is the place we eat, sea and mountain view..

The sun are ready to dive into the sea as we finish our dinner..

Kk and me decided to take something different :)
Yep, this is my lovely wedding ring!

This is the view after the sunset..

I hope you enjoy it. I have a video clip of the sunset, but don't know how to upload it here.. can anyone enlighten me?


fufu said...

little genting??? where??? i so wanna go there for the sunset.... great!!

sakaigirl said...

it's on the road from pen airport to balik pulau! You'll see a junction saying Little Genting on your right, its another 5 min drive up the hill..Good Luck^^

Superman said...

That's really a very nice place. If got chance, sure have to go there and enjoy the view and food. Thanks for sharing.

Bengbeng said...

register with then u upload n follow the recommended steps. u can't go wrong. if any problems u can ask me. youtube of coz oso can but sometimes it take longer with youtube

sakaigirl said...

It is indeed a very nice place to go, Superman!

Thnx Bengbeng, i'll try it out tnite^^

NicoleB said...

Ok, I am most def. envious now!
What a gorgeous place!
And I totally love the last two pics!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Beautiful sunset!!!!

sakaigirl said...

Glad that both of you like it, Nicole and New Kid on the Blog!

Ebie said...

Sakaigirl, these are wonderful photos. That is so creative, the picture of your ring, with the glow of the sun serving as the diamond.

sakaigirl said...

I love it too^^ me and kk held the ring together..we got a few shots, but i like this pic best!