June 23, 2009

Glutinous Rice Dumpling


Have you ever eaten a Nyonya kee chang (nyonya glutinous rice dumpling) ? Nyonyas are famous for their strong taste bud and are strict towards the original taste of nyonya food. Though kee chang is not originated from the babas and nyonyas, but they are greatly influenced by the Chinese Culture too. Kk's grandmother is a Nyonya. I'm soo lucky to have the privilege to taste some of the authentic nyonya food like the otak-otak (direct translation -brains), as the dish resembles the brain, being soft and squishy) filled with fish (ikan kembung) and a type of leaf to add flavour to the paste. Ooh, i'm salivating..

Okay, come back to the dumplings. Ah-Ma @ Grandma made some dumplings for us as we told her we were coming home for a visit. Here's some of the pictures that i took before i lose control eating it up :p

It is normally filled with pork meat, water chestnut and duck egg yolk. Ah-Ma says the dumpling is not complete without these 3 main ingredient^^ I didn't have the chance to witness how she wrapped the dumplings.

My mom usually wrap it in a triangle shaped but never in a rectangular shape. So i guess the rectangular ones are much more difficult to wrap.

I took more interest in Baba & Nyonya's Culture after i watched The Little Nyonya from YouTube! I instantly fall in love of the drama series! You can start watching the 1st Episode HERE! Photos Courtesy of Mediacorptv!

Yue Niang @ Ju Xiang

Yu Zhu

Happy Belated DuanWu Festival Wishes to all!


thenomadGourmand said...

I luvv changs!!! which reminds me..sadly i only got to eat one this year.. *pout*

foodbin said...

the Changs are so full of ingredients-i like Nyonya ones which are small with blue glutinous rice, fillings of pork with 5 spices powder flavor.

Bengbeng said...

i prefer bak chang to kie chang but otak otak is my favorite. On my last trip on the way from Bayan lepas Airport I insisted on stopping at a place near Sg Dua mayb is called super tanker or something i forgot oledi and had otak otak. Shows how crazy i am for otak otak. It is not easy to make, make it well i mean

sakaigirl said...

thenomadGourmand: me love changs very much too, and i ate a lot :p i bring some for u next year if i bought back the changs ya^^

foodbin: i never tried the one u said, with blue glutinous rice..sounds nice, u knw where selling?

Bengbeng: Wah, u must really crave for otak2 badly.. i think you'll go crazy if u tried Ah-Ma's otak-otak^^ then ur wife have to drag u home :p

thenomadGourmand said...

wahh..thk u thk u!!

@foodbin: thts sounds interesting!! tell us tell us! where can get??

sakaigirl said...

thenomadGourmand: you are welcomed^^

Selba said...

Wow! yummy bacang!

Thanks for sharing the baba and nyonya culture, it's always interesting to learn about it coz' we also have here in Indonesia :)

sakaigirl said...

Really Selba?! Didn't know about it, thanx for your information too^^

Selba said...

I just finished watching the little nyonya! It's very a wonderful drama to watch! I'm so glad that you shared it :)

Oh... my grand parents from my mom side were peranakan, I still have their pictures.

My mom watched the little nyonya together with me, and many things remained her back into her childhood and family :)

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