June 25, 2009

Pan Mee @ Hou Mei Yuan

Pan Mee (flat flour noodle) @ Hou Mei Yuan near BJ complex has been the talk of Pan Mee lovers, acknowledge for it's home-made recipe from the mee to the sauce which complement the food perfectly.

If you are bored with dine-in restaurants and had enough of economy rice (like me), this is just the place to go! You can enjoy the alfresco setting of the cafe, peaceful ambience under the tall trees.

They serve from thin to thick, dry to soupy version of Pan Mee. All RM3.00 each for large. I tell you, the small portion is really not enough to eat, must at least order the large portion. These are some of the Pan Mee that we ordered.

Thick and dry

Thin and dry

Thick and soup

Homemade sauce


550ml jar of faith said...

Do they have the torn ones? They're the only kind of pan mee I like!!

Bengbeng said...

The next time i visit penang i must visit yr blog n take notes for the food

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Next time try the Yee Hong food court dry pan mee too. Taste nice too. ^-^

sakaigirl said...

550ml: They use to have the torn ones, but no more since last 2 years, sad**

Bengbeng: ur confirmation is indeed my greatest achievement^^

Food Paradise: I wonder where is yee hong food court, dis u post about it? Let me knw ya!

Apple Foodees said...

I know of a nice place offering pan mee in KL. Spicy pan mee. ^^ Lucky for me as I need not travel to Penang to enjoy pan mee cos its too far away!

ladyviral said...

HI there,

I haven't been here for some time now... first congratulations on your wedding :). May you be blessed with happiness and health throughout.

Secondly, I don't understand why your blog updates won't get updated in my blogroll... So eventually I thought you haven't been blogging.

Thirdly, Pan Mee is yummy! There is alot of this booming up in KL now. Spicy Chilli Pan Mee, Super Spicy Chilli Pan Mee... Wonder if it is the same hehe. Thank you for sharing all this yummy food :).

Again, Congratulations.

wenn said...

hi..delicious pan mee!

Bengbeng said...

so glad to hear from u again. do update when u r able. i know u r very busy :)

Ebie said...

How are you? I have not seen you around for a while! There is another blogger and her blog is Rambling Woods, are you related? She mentioned about a wedding of her sister. I saw your wedding photos and they are gorgeous!
I thought you deleted your blog.

Pete said...

I am not into PAn Mee, but this looks good!