August 10, 2008

PC Fair

The PC Fair this week end was crowded as ever..but this time the RHB bank credit card promoter really pissed me off! They were like hungry dog biting on your leg begging for you to sign on a few papers so that they can hit their own sales target. They even say that 'if u don't want to use, nevermind, just help me hit my target!' Then what is the use that the company pay them for? lol.. Plus, what the hell are bankers doing in PC Fair? People want to come to PC fair for the computer stuff, not Credit Cards Fair! I can see the faces of visitors were all in disgust and uncomfortable when they pass by their booth.. The second time me and kk went there, we just walk straight ahead and don't want to look at them, some even running behind trying to stop us.. walao..

Apart from that, the music was too loud at the Audio and Sound area.. I don't think it's a good sales strategy when the shops are competing which speaker is louder right, it's irritating and noisy! It would be nice if they put soft music, then I won't feel like, ' Let's Get Out Of Here!'

I wonder why the organizer allow them to put the volume so loudly, and credit cards promoter to open the booth. Makes me think that they just want maximum profit and do not care about the visitors. Somemore the workers are not friendly at all..

Anyway, I manage to to focus on what I want to buy, a V3000 Compaq laptop for my sister - RM2149 and an external hardisc (160G) that costs RM160 for my own use. I think the external hard disc was worth it, other shops selling around RM170 - RM180 for the same 160G. My sis asked me to buy for her a basic laptop, so i got her a HP Compaq.. I personalylike HP products because they give excellent services for the customer at their customer service centre at Krystal Point (Penang branch).. So sakaigirl strongly recommend HP pruduct for their great after sales customer service.


vkeong said...

RM170-180 for a 160G external hard disk seems like very reasonable, good deal.

I didn't go to the PC Fair this year, don't like the crowd lol.

sakaigirl said...

Yep,i don't like the crowd too! Thnx for your comment, vkeong! I love your blog very much,especially the photos u take, looks really delicious!

Snake85 said...

i agree with u. what those credit card seller appear on pc fair? it doesnt related to pc fair theme. like rojak fair already.

limaumaniss said...

tips 4 avoiding the credit card sellers--> dun even look at them even with one eye...heheh...i head them so much...thats y i couldnt even stand to see them with one eye...hehe....

but pretty not good that i forgot wat i want from pc fair actually untill i read this entry!!! yes i really dreamed of the external all this while!!!..for my own use...oh!! how careless i am...erm..perhaps i was very busy with other stuff..its ok i didnt prepare the badjet for the external...heheh....;)

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manfung said...

i m using tat model of laptop at the looks cool,isnt it?????hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa..