August 19, 2008


Let me introduce to you to my favourite drink Sarawak Teh-C-Peng! It normally comes in 3 layers, tea on top, condensed milk in the middle, then gula Melaka or wheat grass. Sometimes you can even find this drink in 5 layers! Can check out vkeong's blog to see the 5 layered ones.. I guess only Kuching got five layers lol..
The one I had when i visit Miri is with wheat grass which taste really good and healthy at the same time.

Why is it so special? Coz not many people know how to bancuh like them, even they did get the three layers or more, it doesn't taste as good lol.. I drank once teh-c-peng in Teluk Intan, tasteless..haih..
I really salute the uncle who bancuh teh-c-peng, he never heard about density but he manage to make the drinks so colorfully layered! The best part is to stir the drinks and see the layers combined together, then slurp!! So tasty!

Normally it costs around RM2.50 - RM3.50 per glass. Must try!


sakaigirl said...

lol,my photo to make it clear ar,anyone?

sakaigirl said...

haha,finally manage to upload ONE photo!! syok sendiri lol..haha

やまめ said...


oisisou na nomimono desune..!

donna aji ga surunodarou..?


sakaigirl said...

Yamame san, konichiwa!
kato rennyu to cha to gula melaka (watashi niku no dosan) wa irimajiru , kono nomimono no tsukurikata desu
amai ja nain desu..
hoka no dokoro ni kono nomimono ga nain desu, tokubetsu desu yo!

jade said...


Dee MeLody said...

i didnt know you speak JAPANESE???!!

sakaigirl said...

Haha,I only know basic Japanese, luckily my friend, Jade help me out..haha

やまめ said...



jade said...


jade said...

Haha, kathy's blog now so high class, with Japanese comments! Hehe

sakaigirl said...

Who's Kathy? me? no..I'm Sakaigirl.. Muahahahah(^@^)

やまめ said...

sakaigirlさん jadeさん

ツアーガイド良いですよ。でも私の住んでるところは田舎ですよ。 岩手県 盛岡市に住んでます。回りは山だらけです。


Snake85 said...

i love teh c peng too.hahaha. for ur information, 3 layers teh c peng is orginated from kuching 7th miles cafe. can have a try on the pioneer of 3 laters teh c peng at there. hahaha .

jade_c said...



lv said...

hello sakaigirl!!

LOL!! randomly came across ur blog from another blog and sakaigirl as a blog name is so prove that u r a fellow sarawakian. only in sarawak that u can hear ppl say sakai!! haha... i am very sakai too :-) fyi, sakai in lun bawang language means guests/ tetamu. u r a banci? y not ciban? hahaaha!! not nice to hear izzit? :-)

k lah, i super lurve teh-c-peng 3 layers too.


sakaigirl said...

Haha! my dad is Iban and my mom is called banci lol. If it's the other way round, then i would be ciban*..dangerous..xoxo

lv said...

haha!! ya lo... it does sound dangerous... hehe. yeap, am a sarawakian from miri :-) i will be using alot of 'sakai' word in my blog too!!