August 23, 2008

QingHuan Chinese Tea House: Part 1

I have always love to come to QingHuan Chinese Tea House for it's comfortable atmosphere and a place for me and KK to take a break from hasty week. This place its no stranger to Chinese Tea lover. It has been the longest survivor of Chinese Tea House in Penang and is respected for its Chinese Tea Art cultural preservation.


From outside view, it's a simple bangalow..


Inside, you can see various selection of quality tea leaves sold. The huge tea pot on the left is a storage for tea huh..


And of course, tea pots that suits different types of tea leaves for brewing.

This is the Tea Table of Ms Leong (the owner of QingHuan Chinese Tea House). She is expert in Chinese Tea culture with a humble and cheerful personality. KK is one of her student whom she taught Chinese Tea Art. While I'm KK's student,hehe..


Here's the address:
No.7, Kuching Lane, Pulau Tikus, 10350 Penang.
Tel: 227 8988

Or visit their website:

Must Come!!!


Joan said...

hey, i didnt know that you blog as well

yeah, blogging is the new black now.


sakaigirl said...

Hi Joan, how are you?
Yep, just started this month,haha..
Isi masa lapang lol.. Thanx for visiting my blog^^