August 23, 2008

QingHuan Chinese Tea House: Part 2

QingHuan Chinese Tea House also serves food and beverages.


If you would like to have some privacy with a group of friends or family, then this special room is just for you..


This is the Best Lotus Rice I've ever tried! You can smell the fragrance of the lotus leaf in every bite with the mixture of chinese sosej and mushroom! This Lotus Rice comes with a bowl of sup boiled with red tea, Qi Zi (Fructus Lycii) and Hong Zao (red prune) which I use to wet the rice
You can get this at RM5.90. Highly recommended!


I love to eat Tea Egg, its RM1 each.


If you want to try to brew tea by yourselves, then there are various types of tea for you to choose from. The price ranges from RM10.00 - RM30.00 according to the quality of tea.


This is Ms Leong's nephew brewing 20 years old Pu-Er tea for us, got to drink it free, very happy^^

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